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VR World Congress - Bristol

After a busy, tiring but rewarding time supporting VRWC, here are a few of my highlights from the week.. To give you a flavour of the expo hall we had AMD rubbing shoulders with BAE Systems, and a range of scales from Microsoft to a team of local university researchers. Almost any topic was covered from medical research, to gaming, to simulated training for working in hazardous environments.

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The terror of ghost mobile signal

So you reach for you mobile phone and you see that it is displaying five bars of 4G signal, this is great let me call my family or a friend who you’re meeting somewhere in this field. ‘Call Failed’. How is this possible when you have full signal?

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Cash V Card

There is a growing expectation that all businesses, including event traders, should have the facility to accept card payments. Presenting event organisers with new challenges and opportunities.

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When good isn’t good enough

There are times when things just need to work, for a premium bar company like us, a key deliverable is the speed of our card payment terminals..it determines how much profit we can make in a specific time on a specific day

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Wi-fi Revolution

What happens when you put a tech guy together with a an event guy? The founders decided to create a company specifically answering the call for improved wireless, network and internet connections on festival, outdoor and unusual sites as part of an integrated event offer to event management, artists, vendors and the public.

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