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When good isn’t good enough

"There are times when things just need to work, for a premium bar company like us, a key deliverable is the speed of our card payment terminals..it determines how much profit we can make in a specific time on a specific day" explains Adam from ORIGAMI EVENTS

The problem gets harder when you consider the exclusive bar is at a festival in the middle of a field, miles from any form of optical fibre, broadband or mobile phone solution. The answer can be a wireless satellite internet connection.  Correctly installed, these connections are extremely reliable and allow card payment terminals to work over dedicated wifi connection seamlessly.  Failure can be costly and while it adds a little bit to the event management fees, it's worth choosing a provider that is able to cope with equipment failures through a 24hr service offer.

Part of our fail-safe procedure is to make available more than one internet connection and having battery backup so even if the generator fails, payment terminals are able to continue with transactions, avoiding back up and trade loss.

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