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Cash V Card

There is a growing expectation that all businesses, including event traders, should have the facility to accept card payments. Presenting event organisers with new challenges and opportunities.

In 2016 we saw, for the first time, card and electronic payments overtake cash payments. With the advent of Contactless, this trend will only accelerate in 2017.  With ApplePay, Contactless and chip and pin transactions becoming the norm, electronic payments are now critical for event traders. The potential for reduced profits is alarming as audiences are turning up to events with less and less cash, while accepting electronic payments gives the potential to grow revenue significantly.

You can understand why this is the case, carrying money in such open environments can leave people vulnerable to theft. Vendors too feel safer with large amounts of cash out of the equation. Above all this is the ability to take payments faster, generating more sales in the same time period.
For event organisers ensuring secure, reliable internet access for traders will become as important as power and water, presenting similar challenges, but critically giving the organiser another potential revenue stream. Overall great news then for events, organisers, customers and vendors.

Wifire offers wireless and wired networks, secured to payment card industry standards that ensure you are providing your customers with safe and secure transaction methods. We have also been able to arrange for discounted card processing with national provider Payment Sense. Our tailored system, coupled with dedicated wireless or wired networks, ensures that everyone can be making money at the same time with no overload and ultimate failure to the process.

Wifire offers onsite:

  • Secure dedicated wireless or wired solutions
  • 24 hour support
  • Discounts on merchant accounts

There's little doubt that wifi services at events can enhance the offer and can help with other services such as analytics, footfall and the ways in which people move around event spaces. If you would like to know more, please get in touch.

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