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Bringing us all out of the cold at events.

What happens when you put a tech guy together with a an event guy?  The founders decided to create a company specifically answering the call for improved wireless, network and internet connections on festival, outdoor and unusual sites as part of an integrated event offer to event management, artists, vendors and the public. 

"We noticed that we were being asked to supply events just needing wireless and internet support as part of the package" explains Richard.

Our unique blend of experience,  Matthew Scrivin has 14 years experience working on and managing projects and events for power, AV and SFX companies on site and has gained a reputation for creating solutions to any problems.  Richard Churchill has 12 years experience in business IT, in particular as a problem solver on large projects requiring internet, application, payment and wireframe support/solutions. Their unique combination of event and IT savvy means they are able to deliver systems that work in any out of the ordinary environment.

"We hope to develop a complete solution for the Event market. From ticket at the gate to in-app offers and services. Making the experience for the consumer better" explains Matt.

Wifire is here to help events run better, faster, more productively and with better results. Analytics that organisers can use year on year for comparison, breakdowns and pitch pricing. We hope to be the revolution in event wi-fi capability and bring everyone together in a well thought environment.

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