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The terror of ghost mobile signal

"Call me when you get there...OK?"

So you reach for you mobile phone and you see that it is displaying five bars of 4G signal, this is great let me call my family or a friend who you're meeting somewhere in this field. ‘Call Failed’. How is this possible when you have full signal?

Quite often we see temporary mobile masts erected at festivals providing a full or boosted signal to your mobile device, looks however can be deceiving and there just isn't the capacity to provide strong signal in one place for 1000 devices at the same time.

Wi-fire offers a robust solution to this problem using satellite internet and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Providing any number of mobile devices with a strong connection that allows communication using data services such as iMessage, Whats App and voice calling apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger and Facetime.

Of course the key is to ensure that your event is covered properly with no 'blind spots' or transmission break areas. Dedicated wi-fi allows a ramping up of services outside of the usual call functionality of mobile phones. With the right connection, Wi-fire can push data faster and more effectively, to all parts of any internal or external event space. Get in touch here.

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