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“Having a strong and reliable internet connection meant that we were able to get 20,000 guests through the door quickly and efficiently. Our bars were also able to run smoothly ensuring maximum sales through efficient tills and card machines”

Catherine Ann | Tokyo World

What we do

Private Portals

Get information where you need it, when you need it through Wi-fire dedicated payment portals. Our satellite technology ensures that there is a constant uplink to your site. We can also re-configure beacons across your site or within designated areas and send the dedicated wi-fi link to those areas. Whatever you specify, we have a solution.


Protect your venue with our 24hr wireless solution with continuous record/playback. Our discreet units can cover wide and thin angles at at high resolution. Designed to sit in the background and run at real-time, event staff are able to isolate cameras and use full record/playback facilities without interrupting any live stream feed.

Payment Portals

Instantly record sales through your dedicated Wi-fire payment portal or use the wi-fi network to link to your payment terminal of choice. We all know that removing cash from events make sites safer for vendors and customers. Through our payment provider, we can exclusively offer vendors 0.9% transaction costs so take advantage.

Analytical Data

Using data to measure success, footfall, transactional speeds, ticket validation, in other words, anything you want to set as an indicator. Recording data live provides information to take forward for next year's event planning. Captured information is used as part of a marketing mix or in strategy when valuing pitches & event space.


Linking gate terminals to databases, to email confirmation, to smart phone read QR/Barcodes. All this can reduce your operational costs and can divert staff to other areas of your event. E-Ticketing is a smooth process that is beneficial to you and the customer. It speeds up the process of event entry and protects against duplicate access.

Hybrid Commerce

We've found more and more that vendors want to bring their on-line shops to events because they are often restricted by exhibitor space. Wi-fire connects to vendor websites quickly and effectively, tracking sales and analytics. Enhancing and up-selling unique brand offers makes for better events and experiences for the consumer.

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